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Welcome to the This site is dedicated to Mangisursuro Mike Inay, the founder of the Inayan System of Eskrima, and the Inayan Training Organization. Mike Inay devoted his life to the preservation of Filipino Martial Culture and the ideals of warrior ethics.

Born in Dos Palos, California, Michael G. Inay was a farmer’s son and grew up in the fields of the San Joaquin Valley. Born to Mateo Inay and Betty Inay in 1944 on December 11th as George Michael Inay, he later changed his name to be Michael G. Inay.

Mangisursuro, literally meaning “The One Who is Teaching”, is the official title of Mike Inay. He was, in life, often referred to as Suro, which is the Ilocano verb “to teach”. His chosen titles for founder and head of the system say allot about the man and his views on martial arts and responsibility. He is often quoted as saying “It is not in the knowing or the knowledge of the art, but in the Doing of the art that truly makes one a warrior”. An emphasis on social action and proficiency is apparent in his requirements for becoming and maintaining instructor or “Guro” status under him. Of which only a few of his students that now teach “Inayan” were eligible for at the time of his death.

Above being able to defend one’s self, Mangisursuro felt that giving back to society through the teaching and mentoring of students was the most important thing in his life and what he expected of all of his Guros. For his own personal choice, Mike Inay felt that teaching and spreading the Inayan System of Eskrima was more important than pursuing a more lucrative personal career in Silicon Valley.

Great Grand Master Mike Inay was many things to many people, and touched many lives both in the Martial Arts Community as well as in his personal life. He always had a way of infecting people with his passion for martial arts, music, and games. He had a zest for life that is rare in people, an infectious laugh, and a strong sense of purpose. He taught many people how to use their bodies, and many to use their minds too. To a rare few he helped uplift their spirits and showed them a better way. His art was known for stick fighting and knife defense, but the lucky know it as a path toward something better in life, something more meaningful.

Mike Inay learned under Great Grand Master Angel Cabales, founder of Cabales Serrada Escrima, and Great Grand Master Max Sarmiento, founder of Kadena De Mano. Learning privately and in small groups Inay studied exclusively with these two gentlemen for 11 years before beginning teaching at their encouragement. Inay took this art from Stockton California to Europe, Australia, and all over North America. Teaching both civilians, military, and law enforcement over the years lead to the development of many programs and specialized curriculum lines including Reactive Knife Defense, Pressure Sensitive Nerve Areas, Defensive Tactics, Riot Baton, as well as many traditional martial art programs for stand up and ground fighting. Whether for Self-Defense, competition fighting, or for the street, Mangisursuro provided a standard of excellence in martial art training that can still be seen in his Inayan System of Eskrima, and Inayan Training Organization.

Mangisursuro Mike Inay is survived by many of his students, and family. Chief among those is his son and daughter. Suro Jason Inay, and Sursuro Jena Inay respectively. Sursuro John Peterson, Sursuro Frank De Fanti, Masirib Guro Kevin Schoenebeck, Lahong Guro Tom Lopez, Guro Anthony Samosvatoff, Guro Josh Hutchinson, Guro Ron Levy, Guro Jeremy Derenne, Katulungan Guro Justin Meyer, Katulungan Guro Bill Duffy, Katulungan Guro Shane Mrotek, Kadua Guro Simone Schloetels and Kadua Guro Marty Ferrick work with the Inayan Training Organization to preserve and propagate Filipino Martial Culture with the Inayan System of Eskrima. Collectively known as Mangisursuro Mike Inay’s Inayan.

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